What are the Cookie Flavors?

We offer a few Cookie Flavors you can select year-round.  The price per dozen comes with our Signature Vanilla Hazelnut Sugar Cookie.  But if you like to include other flavors they will include an extra cost per dozen. 

To read more about the flavors you can do so by clicking here 

What if I need to Cancel my order?

Every order is taken with priority (first come first serve (filling available spots) and if you cancel your order prior to your pick-up date it cancels any other spot after yours.  

For that reason, we offer a Store Credit since we do not offer refunds.  



Each order takes time, dedication and we want to make every event as sweet with our cookies.

As soon as the order is paid in full we add the order to our schedule, reserving you a spot.

If payment is not paid in full the order cannot be fulfilled.

How much are your cookies?

Our prices are shown under the Price List.  Please feel free to check out our prices. 

How long do the cookies last?

Once you receive the cookies storing them is key for it to last longer.

If they are stored in an airtight container and remained sealed they can last a few more days (about 3-4)

What are the size and cookie thickness?

Regular Size Cookies

Most of our cookies range from 3 – 4 inches most of the cookie cutters we used are pretty much the standard size.  

Mini Size Cookies

The mini-size cookies usually are about 2″ and in some cases might be a little bit smaller. 

Cookie Thickness

We enjoyed thick cookies and that is what offer, our cookies are about 3/8 ” thick. 


Minimum time to place my order

To allow your order to be processed in the best timely matter.

We ask for all orders to be placed and paid in full minimum of 1 to 2 weeks (7-14 days for ordering), 

To guarantee orders can be fulfilled during 1 – 2 weeks prior to pick up/event dates please contact us. 


Can I place an order if I don't know have Date/Theme yet?

Yes! You can place your order to hold a spot while you get the theme and or event date.

To hold a spot in our calendar and you do not know your cookie theme and or event date there will be a $20 non-refundable deposit.  

Please contact us the minute you have the theme/ and or date of your event.  Once your theme has been chosen please allow no later than 2 weeks prior to your pick up to place your order.


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