How my Sweet Journey started

Hello! I’m Jazmin

How my Sweet Journey started


It all started when I was a little girl, little did I know one present sparked something big in me.

One Christmas I asked for a cake bake oven and seeing how I made a sweet treat that my friends liked created something in me.  As a small child not allowed to use the oven I even tried baking a cake on the stove it worked but it didn’t rise as much jejej but the fact that I tried and it was good I was happy about that.  In middle school, I took baking classes and learned how to use some baking tools and even learned to make homemade cookies.

As I grew up and was in high school the classes on baking were limited so I knew I had to pick a different career and I decided to study Accounting.  I know that was a big change.

My baking was put on pause but it picked up once I started makings cakes and cookies for both of my son’s birthday parties.  I really enjoyed making all of the desserts and getting creative with the theme they selected.

Since my kids are older I chose to follow my dream and get creative with cookies and other sweet treats.. Knowing how much work it takes in putting a special event together my goal is to help you make the event a little sweeter.

Every time I hear a client theme my mind goes into creative mode and as we design the treats together it truly makes me smile.

Out of so many talented bakers, cookiers, and sweet designers I would be honored if you chose me to be a part of your special event.




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