We wanted to share a creative way to welcome each season with a fun activity. 

A DIY kit is a great way to get creative and to have some fun…

but besides decorating the cookie the best part is eating it once the cookie is set.  

Fun places to include a Subscription box.

Corporate Event Activities, Birthdays, Vacationing at Home, Bridal Showers, Family Gathering, Church Events, or Just for Fun..

For Special events send us an email for Customizable DIY Kit boxes. 

Select Your Subscription Plan

We offer Seasonal Subscription plans.  That means our boxes are only released by season.  So you can expect 4 seasonal boxes per year.  How fun is that… Now you can welcome each Season in a sweet and creative way..

Mystery Seasonal Box

Every Box will have a theme based on that Season.  So each box will be unique to the Season it is being released on. But be on the lookout for Sneak Peeks.

Instructional Video

In this yearly Seasonal Subscription Box, we are including Instructional cards which are pretty easy to follow. 

But if you want to see how I decorated each cookie you can follow along with an online instructional video.  How fun it would be to decorate each cookie together..

Let’s get creative with one cookie at a time

Here we share our previous Seasonal Box and our Newest Box.

Seasonal DIY Box

One Time Box  / per season


Seasonal Box is a seasonal subscription providing 1 boxes per season.

Your box will include Regular and/or Mini Size Cookies.  Every box will include cookie designs based on the season and theme selected.

This subscription is based on the current or upcoming box only.

If you would like to get all 4 season boxes we also offer a Yearly Subscription.

Yearly DIY Box

(2024 subscription is NOW available)

Yearly Boxes  / Pre-Pay for 3 boxes


This subscription is for this year’s seasonal boxes, which means you will receive 3 boxes for the year 2024.

Your box will include everything mentioned in the One time Box Description

..but it also has so many perks for getting the yearly subscription.

Not only you will reserve your spot for the upcoming boxes but you will also save when getting this subscription.

Birthday DIY Box

(Coming in June 2024)

One Time Box

Not sure what gift to buy for a loved one.

A birthday DIY box is a wonderful gift for that special someone.

You can now send a birthday gift with this one-time subscription.

This box will include

  • 6 birthday theme cookies.  (how cute is that).
  • 4 Royal Icing Piping Bags
  • colored sprinkles
  • Instructional Card
  • Instructional Video
  • Birthday Tag

When can I expect my Seasonal Box?

We wanted to share a creative way to welcome each season with a fun activity.  A DIY kit is a great way to show that you can be a cookie artist.  Each box will be release in the month suggested below.

Box 1 – Spring Box – Release during the month of Mar-Apr

Box 2 – Summer Box – Release during the month of Jun-Jul

Box 3 – Fall Box – Release during the month of Sept-Oct

Box 4 – Winter Box – Release during the month of Dec


How Do I Reserve my Seasonal Subscription Box?

There are a few ways you can reserve your spot.  If you have signed up for our newsletter you will be the first to know the Open Pre-Sale Date. 

 Another way is to check our website, Once the Seasonal Subscription is Open you will be able to do so.  Please know once spots are filled they will no longer be available for that season’s boxes. 

The best way to guarantee a spot is by taking advantage of our yearly subscription.  Not only you have a spot reserved for each season but you will get some extra savings as well. 



Due to the nature of this subscription, We do not allow subscription boxes to be returned.

All sales are final.


What can I expect in my Seasonal Box?

Every Box will have a theme based on that Season.  So each box will be unique to the Season it is being released on.

Here is an idea of what was shared in our Summer Box.  For this box, we offered regular and mini-size cookies.  Some designs might need 3 colors while others might need 4.  In those cases, the amount of royal icing colors might vary in each box.

Every season the box will vary from theme, design and cookie quantities. To get a sneak peek sign up to our newsletter to see what you will expect for that upcoming Seasonal box. 

– instructional card

– Instagram reel


What's Your Cancellation Policy?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, you must do so before the next bill date or you will continue to be billed for the following seasonal box or the next 4 boxes (for Yearly members).
When canceling your account does not provide you with a refund for any paid subscription boxes, nor does it stop a pending charge.
Your cancellation will go into effect for the following Seasonal Box. 
Yearly Subscription cancellation requests will go into effect at the end of the year. Yearly Subscriptions are pre-paid for 4 boxes and are non-refundable.

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