What is a Seasonal Subscription Box?


The seasonal Subscription box was designed to get your creative side and show it in each cookie.

The box comes prepared with cookies and icing ready for you to get creative.

You can expect the box to include fun and cute themes in the cookie design and shapes.

(here is our Fall 2023 Sweater Weather kit)




What is included in the Seasonal Subscription Box?

Each box will include Regular-size cookies and on some occasions mini-size cookies.

The cookies will have different designs based on that season’s theme.

The cookies are individually sealed to keep them fresh.

Now to get creative we need some icing bags, you can expect that in each seasonal box.

Every season the amount of royal icing bags will vary between 3 and 4 colors. It will all depend on the design and theme of that box.

Lastly, we also include an instructional card, and if you want to replicate the design you can watch our reel posted on our Instagram account.


For the Winter Box 2023, the release date is scheduled for Saturday, November 11th.

But… I couldn’t wait to share the design and that was shared a lot sooner. 

Pre-sale is now open.


What is this Winter 2023 Theme?

The Winter Theme is Spreading Joy this Winter


What is the subscription box cost?

The Seasonal Subscription box for 2023 price is $16.00 you will receive everything mentioned above which is a perfect way to show your creative cookier side.

You can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter in it you might find promo codes that can be applied to the price at checkout.


Are you ready for the 2024 DIY Kit Subscription box?

Coming soon is a yearly subscription for the year 2024 it will include 4 boxes total and the price is $60

Ready to welcome each season with our Seasonal Subscription box click here to get started..

Instructional Video for this Winter DIY Subscription box

Once you receive your DIY Cookie kit is important to go over a few easy steps, those you will find in your Winter Subscription Box.  Not to worry if this might be too complicated for you because is not, this is pretty easy basic steps.

If you want to follow along to replicate how I decorated the Winter set you are more than welcome to follow along on our Instagram Reel

Video – Part 1 (Getting Started and Piping Regular size Cookies)

Video – Part 2 (finishing all of the cookies)

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