This year I started to get more into baking and decorating cookies one source I use to buy cookie cutters is Kaleida Cuts and so far I am impressed with the design, packaging, and service.
Back in February, they introduced the first mystery box called Kaleida Valentine Box 2021 (below I share what I received).  At first, paying for a mystery box can be risky since you don’t know what you might get but some of the items I got I have been able to use, and glad for this box
The new mystery box launch on July 15th, luckily I was able to get a box and I am so excited to share my unboxing.

So this box is no longer a mystery I finally got my box and I am extremely excited about the design.

You can truly use it in many ways and not just for the School Year. This is a set of 4 cutters, the top cutter can be changed depending on the lid (hot or cold).



The Mystery box came with 5 cutters total

Perfect to fit inside a 12 x 5 box

Stencil – if you give a teacher a cookie…

key chain – some days require cookies










Overall I love this box, the set is very pretty and tall enough to make a great cookie gift.  I can imagine using this set not only for Teachers but for other seasons too.

This box sold out in less than a day and I’m not sure if this set will be available at the Kaleida Cuts store.


What is the Cost of the Box?

the School Year box cost $25 + shipping


How do I subscribe to Kaleida Cuts Box?

You can click here to check out the blog for the next mystery box.

By using this link you can save 10% off your first order

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