From sweets, desserts to cakes those are my favorite treats, ohh for me is hard not to have one something sweet.. You guessed it that is my weakness jjeje.   Well, back to the frosting recipe, I want to share how I got to enjoy this recipe.

As a child I grew up eating cakes with Italian Meringue Frosting, I love how soft it was yet not so sweet. But comparing the decor using this frosting I started to see cakes can look so detail with frosting alone.  (If I compare my birthday cakes how small and almost flat looking to the master piece we see today is amazing how far we have come)

Years later buttercream became my favorite frosting I love the decorations and how detail each piping technique will look on a cake.  The taste on any buttercream cake is pretty good but many people find it too sweet, so how can you combine that fluffy soft look from the Italian Meringue and buttercream can holds decorations in a cake.

That being said, this recipe pipes really nicely, doesnt crust like buttercream and is not that sweet.

(win, win, check, check) At first it can feel nerve racking using the egg whites but if you follow a few steps you will see is an easy frosting to make.

Tip – Using a good flavor extract can reduce the butter flavor but If you dont mind the Butter flavor on this type of frosting a regular vanilla extract will do.


Swiss Meringue Frosting

5 Egg Whites (room temperature)
1 1/2 Cups Granulated Sugar
4 Sticks of Butter ( I used salted)
1 tsp Flavor Extract ( I used Vanilla)

  • On a stove place a pan with water to simmer
  • In a separate clean bowl add egg whites and sugar
  • whisk the ingredients and place the bowl over the simmer water (make sure water doesnt touch the egg mixture)
  • this can take about 8 – 10 min until it reached 160 or you can see is softer, silky and when it comes to the touch it sticks easily to your fingers but you dont feel any grains from the raw sugar.
  • remove from heat and add your egg mixture to a mixing bowl and with a whisk attachment mix for about 3 – 5 minutes until it forms a glossy nice peak on medium speed.
  • before adding the butter touch the bowl and meringue you want to make sure is room temperature
  • now is ready for the butter – Add the cut butter a little at a time, while it still mixing (this will take a few minutes)
  • let it whisk until it has a nice glossy look
  • add extracts mix and is done, ready to use.

The frosting is a lot softer and easy to pipe but also easy to decorate for a smooth finish. Here is a cake fully decorated using this recipe.

Print Swiss Meringue Frosting Recipe Here