A family of mostly boys and comic book fans, my house quickly became Marvel and DC fans.  Is funny how much they knew from reading different Comic Books, so once the movies came out they knew a lot.

This is a first for me to see a new superhero that is a female, of course we enjoyed last year the movie from Wonder Woman but this one is from Marvel.  I think that is so much information from 2 different comic worlds jeje… So warming up to mostly Marvel and sometimes DC inspired me to try a new cookie theme creation.

This cookie is easy to do, (You can see my cookie tutorial here) first start with a round cookie cutter, any size you prefer will do.  For the color you only need 3 in total (white, red and blue) Is optional but a touch of edible gold surely brought it all together.

In order to create that angle shape I used a heart cookie cutter (once cookies were baked and cool) make sure the heart cutter is a similar size to the round cookie.  I place the bottom part of the heart right on top between 2 round cookies, this method helped me get that shape for each design.

The cookie cutter was helpful to use as a guide.  I use Royal Icing in White I could trace the outside of the heart to create that angle line.  I have been using a bottle that comes with a tip So far I am loving that item which is much better then using disposable bags.

Once I trace the white lines on each cookie I let it dry.  In the meantime I create the other colors (Bright Red and Softer Blue)I wanted to keep consistent the color in the cookies the same as DIY sprinkles. 


Once the colors are made I add each to a bottle ready to trace on each section. I first started to add Red on the top, then I add the Blue color on the bottom.

Dont worry it doesnt have to be perfect, you will see the white line we used to start the cookies is almost faded.  Once both colors are added and is dry you can trace the white line you can see how much better it looks.

Once the white line is drying you can create the almost star look a like – Using fondant color in yellow or keep in white (this will be cover with edible Gold Luster Dust ( I used yellow so the gold color pops out more). Let the fondant star set.

Captain Marvel has a star look alike in the center with gold lines slightly towards up which divides the color Red in the bottom and the touch of Blue at the top.

(Optional) Use edible Gold Luster Dust and add a drop or 2 of Vodka or Lemon Juice mix until the powder is a bit liquid to make painting a lot smoother.  With a fine brush I paint over the white lines, once those were painted I then did the same technique on the star fondant shape.

I really love how these cookies came out.  If you make these cookies from recipe or this design would love to hear it on instagram.

Below I share recipe for the Sugar Cookies I love Almond flavor but you can switch it up and add the flavor you enjoy..  I also did DIY sprinkles using the same colors from the cookies find out how here. DIY sprinkles.

Almond Sugar Cookie Recipe Here 


You can also watch a quick tutorial video here