Recently I been creating a few items for this cake, usually when a new movie is released the next thing that comes up is planning a birthday with that same theme.

The challenging part is finding items to make the party come together.  Captain Marvel is the next movie we are excited to watch and right away my husband suggested for me to make cookies inspired of Captain Marvel.  As I was making the cookies, I then worked on sprinkles to use for todays cake.

Making those items from the cookies the sprinkles surely helped get this cake come together, the only thing different was tracing the star you see on this case which was pretty easy to do.

The fun part of making a cake is having fun and letting your ideas come to live. For this cake we picked Oreo as the main flavor, so this cake is Vanilla Cake filled with Oreo Buttercream and decorated in Swiss Meringue Frosting.

Yes that is the complete description for this recipe, at first it seems like a lot to do.  But when planning it out, I was thinking the cake should be light and I think the vanilla flavor came in perfect for that.

The Oreo Filling or Buttercream is the star on this recipe. You get the taste of the chocolate with a soft texture since the Oreos are well blended in the frosting/filling recipe.

I also chopped extra Oreos and used those to add on top of the filling. The extra texture with the smooth Oreo Filling/Buttercream surely tasted like eating Oreos on each bite.

I wanted the Frosting to be light and the Swiss Meringue was perfect for this recipe. If you are not a fan of the Swiss Meringue Buttercream due to the taste of butter you can skip that recipe and decorate with the Oreo Buttercream.

To use the Oreo Buttercream for decorating and for the filling you can add 25% up to 50% of the recipe shown below, just to make sure you have enough for the cake.  The Oreo Buttercream I am sharing below was good enough for the filling and crumbcoat.

Now we can get started with the recipe – The Vanilla Cake is pretty simple and is good enough for 2 – 6 in cake pans. The batter makes enough for up to 3 – 6 in but I like the height on the cake using only 2. Once the cake is made and cool you can cut and prepare to start assembling. With a pastry bag pipe around the edge and work your way inside the center of that layer.

This part is optional but for extra crunch I added some crushed Oreos on top of the filling.  Continue these stops until the last layer is on top.

Now you can fill any gaps between each layers, with a spatula smooth the cake and continue adding until you reach a crumb coat.  Place in refrigerator until it sets.  Since I wanted to decorate this cake with a touch of red, I prepared Swiss Meringue Buttercream (recipe here) and White Chocolate for a drip effect.


Swiss Meringue was prepared I started to apply another crumb coat and place in the refrigerator.  I continue working on with the white chocolate and colored it (it needs to be cool or room temperature before applying on cake).

Apply another coat using Swiss Meringue if needed, then apply some sprinkles on the border, with an offset spatula pick up the sprinkles that fell and attach to the cake gently.

If the frosting is not cool enough (dont rush) place the cake in the refrigerator to make sure you will get the drip effect. Once the cake is cool and white chocolate is room temperature, add your chocolate in a bottle (makes it easier to use) test one part of the cake (you will know if the consistency is right or runny).

Start on the edge squeeze gently and continue going around the edge to stop squeeze then continue.  Once you are happy with the drip effect fill the inside, once again place in fridge, let the chocolate cool before adding any decorations on top of it.

top of it. I think the cake looks pretty the way it is but to continue with the Captain Marvel theme, Pipe on top using a pastry bag and the 2d tip,  On the drip add some of the DIY sprinkles made for this theme.

I created a star using I cut the logo and trace on top of yellow colored fondant, let cool and apply gold luster dust to give that gold touch.

I made some captain marvel small cookies which I used to decorate on top. Another option is add sprinkles on top for a more cohesive Captain Marvel Cake look.

This was a cake I was excited to do and once it was finished I was happy it looks.  I enjoyed the Oreo Flavor and the look inspired by the new Captain Marvel movie.


Vanilla Cake & Oreo Buttercream Recipe

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